About Us

As Cryptocurrency is becoming a big part of our global economy, the founder of Swiss Alpha Management, LLC has launched a new company called SPDY Swiss Alpha Group, Inc. (SSAG), which is a registered Money Service Business (MSB) with registration # 31000232045174 that is administered by the United States Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCen). Swiss Alpha is also an US SEC registered company.

In January 2023, SSAG announced the launch of an IOS and Android App called SPDY that allows businesses a fast, easy and secure method of accept Bitcoin without any risk of volatility, by immediately converting the Bitcoin seamlessly into fiat which is immediately deposited into the merchant’s business account. SPDY App provides an end-to-end solution and processes everything for the business, so the business doesn’t need any type of Crypto knowledge, wallet, secret phrases nor an account at an exchange.

In the future, SSAG will also have an inexpensive solution for companies that need cross board payment solution by using digital currency that will be competitive with the foreign exchange rates.


SPDY is a solution base company that has created a tailor- made process which makes it easy, fast, and secure to accept Bitcoin. We are actively working to add other Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Lite Coin, USDT and more.


Presently, SPDY has a smartphone application for IOS and Android which will be available for download from Apple and Google Play Store by January 1, 2023. The App was designed for businesses that deal directly in person with their customers such as car dealers, restaurants, retail stores, hospitals, dentist, doctors, law firms. Even for high end transactions such as real-estate, yachts, jets, exotic cars, business acquisitions etc.

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