The Swiss Alpha Group relies upon our Team of Banking Professionals to : Review, Analyse, and Identify infrastructure investment opportunities

Swiss Alpha’s key objective is to deliver long-term income to its shareholders, produced from a portfolio of infrastructure and private equity investments positioned at the lower end of the risk spectrum. This objective forms the Company’s Acquisition Strategy, which seeks to grow the portfolio by adding investments that are compatible with the Company’s risk-reward value proposition.

Our experience

We are trusted advisors and managers to leading global families for almost 2 decades.

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We serve the world's premier Family Offices since 1999. Our value proposition is based on deep long term relationships.

Infra-Structure & Project Finance: Strategy & Investment Policy


Capital Preservation

The principal goal of investment management is to ensure the dynamic management and control of Risk, and that the operations and performance of each project are delivered in accordance the agreed scope of the mandate.


Value Creation And Enhancement

Value creation and enhancement are identified from performance reviews of the portfolio. Plans are developed and implemented that cover incremental revenue opportunities, cost savings, treasury management and financial efficiencies.


Additional And ‘On-Going’ Investment

Any new investment must meet the Acquisition Strategy which falls within the scope of the project mandate, and will of course be properly reflected in Reporting & Accounts.

Choose Imagess

With international infrastructure on a growing curve, and demand in this area of investment rapidly increasing.

Our financial boutique provides a gateway and access between serious capital resources and substantial global infrastructure assets - such as energy and power supplies, roads, railways, airports etc.

We provide tailor-made, customized approach to your investments and financing needs by putting together major market players for loan syndication (for example) and other types of access to capital, including innovative approaches such as bond issuance.

Impeccable risk management expertise of our team combined with top network resources worldwide will reduce potential downside risk exposure and generate value for our clients.

Our objective is to achieve sustainable returns and capital appreciation for our clients in this sector of investment & financing.

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