About company

Swiss Alpha Management USA is an advisory firm with an international presence. founded on the Pursuit of Perfection. Our parent company has been in existence since 1999 and have a long track record of successfully managing high network clients with long-term wealth preservation.


 Our company philosophy of investment management is based on trust and long-term wealth protection with an emphasis of less clients is best. We concentrate on the strength of relationship we build with our clients and our quality of service, and makes us uniquely positioned within our peer group, while many advisors serve 400+ clients.


Relationship building has always been at the core of our Company and we want to build strong and long-lasting bonds with our clients. We want to understand and adequately serve the needs of each client so we can provide genuine insights and better service.


We are meticulous and we offer customized structured product management for institutional clients and individuals. Expertise includes investment and risk management capabilities with exceptional client service, in-depth consultation and extensive interaction between clients and the investment team. Swiss Alpha Management specializes in portfolios that have significant regulatory needs.


We offer an unbiased approach to investment advice that keeps you in control of your money, while maintaining a secured and capital preservation perspective.


Let us show you how personalized investment portfolio can help you grow your wealth in a way that feels comfortable to you, and customizing your short and long-term goals.

Our experience

We are trusted advisors and managers to leading global families for almost 2 decades.

Our success

We serve the world's premier Family Offices since 1999. Our value proposition is based on deep long term relationships.

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