Swiss Alpha Management (SAM) was established in 1999: Today the firm is a boutique Wealth Management & Private Equity firm.

Swiss Alpha’s key objective is to deliver long-term income to its shareholders, produced from a portfolio of Infrastructure and Private Equity investments positioned at the lower end of the risk spectrum. This objective forms the Company’s Acquisition Strategy, which seeks to grow the portfolio by adding investments that are compatible with the Company’s risk-reward value proposition.

Our experience

We are trusted advisors and managers to leading global families for almost 2 decades.

Our success

We serve the world's premier Family Offices since 1999. Our value proposition is based on deep long term relationships.

Investment activity is focused on four market segments


Public-Private Partnerships

projects that receive availability-based payments from public sector counterparties, for example schools, hospitals and roads.


Regulated Assets

businesses that are subject to regulatory price controls, for example energy transmission and distribution (gas and electricity) and water utilities.


Airports And Deep Sea Ports

Leveraging our close association with the some of the leading Airport and Sea Port operators in the world.


Demand-Based Assets

projects where revenues are dependent on end-user demand but where revenue risk is mitigated for example operational toll roads and student accommodation.

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Strategy & Investment Policy

Capital Preservation

A senior member of the Swiss Alpha Management Team is represented on each project company’s board and plays a proactive role in the management of the project. He or she will engage with both client and supply chain contractors regularly to build and maintain open stakeholder relationships at project company level to ensure smooth delivery of services and appropriate project performance.

Value Creation and Enhancement

Plans are developed and implemented that cover incremental revenue opportunities, cost savings, treasury management and financial efficiencies, and occur both on an asset-specific or portfolio-wide basis depending on the particular investment. Efficiencies and savings will only be implemented where they do not impact on either the services being provided or the quality of the service level delivery.

Additional and ‘On-Going’ Investment

All new investments need to support the achievement of the investment objectives. A key aspect in this regard is to acquire new investments which are value accretive to the current portfolio - achieved through their initial gross yield, potential total return, and/or degree of positive inflation correlation.

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