Swiss Alpha Management

David Singh

- Chairman and CEO

David Singh has a long and distinguished career in finance and banking spanning 27 years: 18 years of wealth management & advisory experience with family offices, and UHNWI; 9 years of Investment Banking & Trading experience during which time David was a Proprietary and Structured Derivatives Trader, covering all asset classes.


David has deep relationships with many Premier Families and Family Offices, developed over 18 years, and whereby David was providing bespoke asset management and structured solutions to generate revenues and mitigate risk.


David has also spent 2.5 years as an Independent advisor at Board level to Credit Suisse Group & Depfa Bank.


In addition to the above, and for more than a decade, David has been CEO of the Family Office for a prominent Abu Dhabi Royal Family. David has developed a robust and elite network of investors and financial institutions across the GCC.


In 2007, David lead the restructuring and subsequent sale of a listed European Bank for €5.4Bn: his largest M&A deal to date

Korosh Farazad

- Vice Chairman

Mr. Korosh Farazad - Respected Founder and Chairman & CEO of Farazad Investments, is renowned within the industry as a pioneer on several fronts. Over the years, he has established a strong platform within the banking industry. He was awarded by the IAIR Awards as the ‘CEO of the Year for Structured Finance Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)’ 2015, and awarded with the ‘Best Structured Finance Company 2015’, by European CEO.

  • His unique approach has been at the forefront to the firm’s success and paved the way for international recognition from regulatory bodies, who actively seek out his expertise. It is this transparent approach to financing and creative thinking, which introduced an award-winning in-house financing formula.
  • Mr. Farazad’sunrivalled knowledge of International Banking, Finance and the understanding of Investments catapulted the core of the business in the late nineties, in facilitating medium-to-large scale structured financing for major projects worldwide.
  • Mr. Farazad established Farazad Advisory Limited in the United Kingdom in the fourth quarter of 2015, which further expands the brand across the five Continents. Farazad Advisory Limited provides professional and structured guidance on a variety of mixed-use real estate investment opportunities available in the United Kingdom and oversea markets. Other services include consultancy services, in depth market analysis and feasibility reports.
  • Mr. Farazad has significant growth plans and envisages further expansion of operations within the next few years, including opening additional offices in Emerging markets. These new offices will oversee the further success and development of his vision.

Arnel Cruz

- Managing Director Investment Banking, & Head of Swiss Alpha Management, USA

Arnel Cruz has an extensive and in-depth knowledge and experience in the areas of banking, private equity markets, with emphasis in banking operations, corporate and product financial structures.

Arnel’s career spans over 28 plus years in the banking and financial markets, domestic and international. He has been engaged with boutique investment banks in New York such as Thomas Weisel Partners, formerly known as Montgomery Securities that was mandated with numerous initial public offerings during the rise of tech stocks in the 1980s and 90s, including AMGen in 1983, Micron Technologies in 1984, and Yahoo! Inc. in 1996. From 1989-96, Montgomery Securities raised $57.3 billion in equity and underwrote 293 IPOs.

In addition, Arnel Cruz worked with Invemed Securities that was instrumental in early-stage financing and one of the largest investors for Home Depot that went public in 1981.

Kamran Naqvi

- Managing Director, Capital Markets

Kamran Naqvi has varied and extensive experience in international banking and finance with a career spanning 22 years; 16 years of Wealth Management and advisory experience with UHNWI; 6 years of Investment Banking where he served several years on London’s prominent Trading desks at tier 1 Investment banks covering equities and equity derivatives across a number of global markets.

He has also advised, set-up, and Head Private Banking niche area of Sports, Media & Entertainment Divisions from inception in two prestigious banks alongside other senior roles held in Europe, Middle East, and North America segments of Private Banking and Wealth Management.

Kamran has also engaged in Infrastructure and project finance business development and execution. He has advised a number of large corporates and assisted in structuring transactions, co-investment with various international banks, hedge funds, and sovereign wealth funds.

He has detailed knowledge of both the finance and business methodology that drives profit and efficiency across a number of businesses including, investment banking, asset management, brokerage, infrastructure finance, public sector investment, trade finance, treasury, and liquidity management.

Rahimullah Zakir

- Managing Director, Structured Products

He is an adaptable and visionary financial services executive with extensive hands-on experience in risk management, control, governance, program/project management, regulatory and support functions across the transaction cycle over the last 9 yrs. He is able to offer detailed strategic and operationally sound solutions and specializes in ‘Start-up’, ‘Turnaround’, Strategic Rebuild and Process Re-Engineering Scenarios.

He also has a deep knowledge of market and credit risk and in regulatory compliance, capital markets, investment & commercial banking and Sovereign Wealth Funds. He has detailed knowledge of both the finance and business methodology that drives profit and efficiency across a number of businesses including, investment banking, asset management, brokerage, infrastructure finance, public sector investment, trade finance, treasury and liquidity management.

Wealth management & advisory experience with family offices, structured commodity finance securing against forward sale contracts of crude oil and UHNWI, coupled with 5 years of Central Bank & Reserve Advisory Management experience access to investment capital in both Equity & Debt form from client group and strong network of Tier 1 banks Infra-Structure & Project Finance having Program Management Solution based approach to Risk Management, trading and structuring across asset classes.

Linda Li

- Managing Director Trading & Risk Models

Linda Li holds Master degree in computer science and artificial intelligence.

Linda has held Trading roles in Tier 1 Investment Banks including: Barclays Bank; HSBC; JP Morgan; and ING. Specifically, Linda has worked in Equity derivatives trading; Fixed Income & Bond trading; Interest Rates derivatives; Market Making; and Algorithm trading.

She as also held senior roles in the ‘Quantitative Financial Model Development Units attached to the Trading businesses where Linda has worked in: AI trading model development; ‘Real Time’ pricing trade platforms; ‘Real Time’ market risk P&L Platforms; Robotic process automation in major investment banks. She has developed multiple ‘AI Trading Robots’ with latest AI technology for trading desks and banking operations. More recently, Linda developed multiple high profile front office Fintech application platforms for investment banks. She has gained broad experience in trading ,banking , Artificial Intelligence And Fintech fields .

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